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The Green Copenhagen needs your vote!




The Alternative understands that it requires commitment to be the capital of the country. We are responsible for more than just looking after our own narrow interests. We are responsible for the leadership in our region - and the whole of Denmark. We must lead the fundamental green transition, that also strengthens social justice and the citizens’ co-ownership.


The last 4 years we have been members of the Council at City Hall. We have learned how to be part of the Council and gain influence. We see a strong need of change in the culture and processes of the City Council and the municipal administration. If you see a need for political diversity and an Alternative to the existing culture, then vote for us for Tuesday 16th of November!


The time of ideologies is over. What we need is a diversity of ideas and thoughts to become a sustainable society. The Alternative is fighting in favor of a fact-based dialogue where science and all the experiences of the citizens are taken into consideration. The city is a social eco-system, that thrives when all citizens can gain influence. Diversity is the key to sustainability.


The 5 most important themes for the next 4 years’ work in the City Council are:



The competitive democracy undermines the true DNA of our democracy. Political spin and the fight for power between the parties splits the population in smaller ‘customer’ segments, while the power closes in on itself. It splits the society and stands in the way of the sustainable society. The Alternative will work for democratic diversity where the power is shared with strengthened Local Committees, Citizen Proposals, Citizen Assemblies, and popular votes – resulting in the strengthening of democracy and handing the power back to the citizens.



The climate crisis requires that we act NOW – and that every initiative and every investment from now on reduces CO2 emissions as much as possible, promotes sustainability and the diversity of nature. This requires that we make the city greener using the solutions and the technology we quickly can make use of. Mega-projects and the Metro-debt controls and locks Copenhagen’s economy and development more and more. Instead, we need diverse urban development, showing consideration for all citizens and provide a pace, where we - in collaboration with the Region, can help fulfill the ambition of the green, sustainable capital - the capital of the climate.



We can no longer live off the predation of nature but must learn to live with the diverse nature. Instead, we must live more and more by a diverse culture where a vibrant growth layer of culture can grow to become economically sustainable cultural enterprises. A capital where the happy festive city and nightlife is anchored in a cultural life with plenty of space in neighborhoods without too much housing. That is why the Alternative will ambitiously prioritize and invest in the growth layer of the culture, so that the capital can become an inspirator for a rich cultural life throughout the country.



It is no secret that the municipalities’ management of welfare is declining enormously. Things are especially bad in Copenhagen. Daycare institutions for children suffer from failing management, job and disability centers violate citizen’s rights, eldercare is stuck in minute schedules. Copenhagen must take the lead in developing systems for welfare, where professionalism is set free, so that the citizens and their real needs can be met - and so that our tax Kroner go to real welfare.



The most important thing is the diversity of everyday life. That life begins with our home – the housing. We are ready to use all means to stop the dizzying price increases in the housing market. It must be redeemed and bought up, build and rebuilt, so that there is room for rich and poor, for people and nature. All districts must have their own sustainable urban development, where you and your neighbors can continuously create a better framework for everyday life – both the city’s physical and social framework.



The municipal elections on 16th of November will be the most decisive election in Copenhagen for decades. They can decide many things - e.g. the fate of Amager Fælled and Stejlepladsen and whether the mega monster project Lynetteholmen will ever become a reality. And just as important, the election will determine whether we as a city manage to renew our democracy so that we can create a far more engaging and ambitious green transition in Copenhagen. In the Alternative we are convinced that Copenhageners want a city where cars take up much less space and the city’s precious areas are used to create opportunities for development and commonwealth – amongst other things in the form of more green neighborhoods, cheap and sustainablehousing, better facilities for culture and leisure, and more space for diversity and entrepreneurship.

If you would like to promote the above, then consider voting for the Alternative (Å) in the municipal and regional elections. Your possibility for voting is described here